Think You’re Too Old To Pick Up Dancing? Science Proves Otherwise

Dance Your Way to Good Health While Meeting New Friends At The Same Time

Here’s How You Can Stay Physically Fit and Lower Your Risks of Dementia Through Social Dancing

Dancing is a great holistic activity that can keep your mind and body healthy as you age

It helps with…


Weight loss


Strengthening and toning the body


Increasing stamina and flexibility


Improving balance and posture


Developing confidence


Stimulating the mind and maintaining mental acuity

Try It Out at Dancer’s Dream Studio’s Social Dance Trial Class: $20 Per Pax (Usual Price: $28)

  • A mixture of fun social dances such as the Cha cha cha and Rumba.
  • Basic steps, dance figures and partner work will be taught
  • Beginner-friendly – No prior dance training is required
  • Attire: Smart casual, something you can move in! Comfortable shoes
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • For ages 45 and above
  • Maximum Capacity: 30 participants per session

Do I Have To Show Up With a Dance Partner?

Not necessary but bring a friend or partner along for more fun!

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Research shows that a 150-pound adult can actually burn approximately 150 calories doing 30 minutes of social dancing.

More importantly, some forms of dancing can actually increase your brain power and help improve memory skills.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine it can even ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.

The 21-year study of senior citizens was led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, funded by the National Institute on Aging.

Reading – 35% reduced risk of dementia 
Cycling and swimming
– 0%
Doing crossword puzzles at least four days a week – 47%
Playing golf – 0%
Dancing frequently – 76%.

Dancing gave the greatest risk reduction of any activity studied, cognitive or physical.

Dancers have been found to be more resistant to the effects of dementia.

This reasoning was suggested by Neurologist Dr. Robert Katzman, since dancing helps develop greater cognitive reserve and increased complexity of neuronal synapses.

Like education, participation in mentally engaging activities such as dancing lowers the risk of dementia by improving these neural qualities.

The Best Forms Of Dancing For Improving Mental Capabilities

The best kinds of dance for improving mental capabilities are those that do not rely on merely retracing the same memorized steps. Making as many split-second decisions as possible, is the key to maintaining cognitive abilities.

Freestyle social dancing and Latin dance fits this description best. Some examples include foxtrot, waltz, swing, and maybe some rumba and cha cha.

These stimulate the connectivity of your brain by generating the need for new pathways.

Dancing integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity.

Dancing At Parties And In Groups Also Encourages Social Bonding.

Many researchers have argued that people experience a blurring of the self into their groups while dancing.

It is also possible that dancing releases endorphins and these molecules are behind the social bonding effect.

University of Oxford psychologist (and dancer) Bronwyn Tarr asked teenagers to dance to fast, electronic music in groups of 3.

Participants said they felt closer to their dance partners than to others in their classes after dancing.

Mirroring others in dance helps to foster friendships.

Dancer’s Dream Studio is Now Offering Dance Classes For Adults At Their Beautiful and Convenient Practice Space


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Unique Environment

Dancer’s Dream Studio is nestled among the lush greenery and the old world charm of Dempsey Hill, often referred to as the “hidden paradise”.

With full length windows letting in natural light in the day, and cool breeze at night, there’s no other dance studio with such ambience.

Feeling Hungry After Your Practice?

Find a wide variety of cafes and restaurants in the vicinity such as Jones The Grocer, Ben & Jerry’s, Muthu’s curry, DOME, Wine Company.

You may also choose to shop, dine, relax and chat with friends and family at Tanglin or Orchard after your dance session , which is just a 15 minutes’ drive away.

Dancer’s Dream Studio is managed by artistic director, Lorencia Kan

She was a competitive Dancesport athlete dancing for Singapore and has clinched several championship titles.

Her most recent achievement was attaining 83rd position (world ranking) at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2016 held in London, competing against 300 other couples worldwide.

Address: 8D Dempsey Road, #03-06, Singapore 249672
Tel: 6873 0378
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