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Online Latin Dance Trial Classes For Kids:

Register now and get a bonus trial class at our studio at absolutely no extra charge. Redeemable during Phase 2, Phase 3, or when social distancing measures are fully lifted. Whenever you feel comfortable within the next 90 days. 

45 min |For 6 to 14 Year-Olds
$10/per household; no limit on no. of kids
(Usual Price: $20/pax)

With CCAs suspended, entertainment venues closed, and parks crowded with people, an online Latin dance class is the perfect solution to help your kids release all that pent up energy:


We maintain a teacher-student ratio of around 1:10 to give your child more attention and time to fix their mistakes.


Classes are highly interactive as we avoid huge classes that are only capable of one-way communication. Lessons are replicated as closely to in-person classes as possible, with multiple camera angles to enhance teaching and learning experience.


We also use break-out rooms for small group interactions to discuss choreography so that your kids can feel connected with their friends and instructors. We even get your kids Involved using their favourite toys at home as props.


Recordings are provided for your kids to review what they did.


Homework, virtual auditions and online competitions to keep your kids focused on a goal to work towards, stay motivated and committed.

Enthusiasm, Enrichment & Encouragement

As one of the top-notch dance schools in Singapore, we believe in 3 vital factors that promote self-development and contribute to the success of an individual; Enthusiasm, Enrichment and Encouragement.

The holistic dance curriculum in DDS focuses on a balance between skills and play-based learning. In addition to syllabus figures that dancers have to learn, dance-related games and creative ideation is encouraged and introduced within dance routines.

Learning How To Dance Has Also Been Linked To Developing Other Areas of A Child’s Life

Building Up Your Child’s Confidence & Social Skills

Children that pick up Latin dancing from a young age develop self-confidence earlier in life.

It is normal for children to display shyness in front of adults. However, when they interact with other kids around the same age, they tend to open up.

Children who engage in less social activities compared to their peers tend to miss out on vital communication experiences. This inadvertently affects their social cognitive behaviour and causes them to stay within their comfort zone, which leads to shyness.

As your child undergoes our coaching to master a new dance move or routine, he or she learns to overcome challenges through practice. For kids who are shy, this aspect of Latin dancing helps strengthen their self-esteem and determination.

By witnessing their own progress, a sense of accomplishment overtakes your child, boosting their self-confidence over time.

Discipline and Mutual Respect

Dancing helps create bonds and instills mutual respect.

It teaches teamwork and independence, trust and graciousness to children. The best time for your child to pick up these qualities is no other than their pre-teen years. (You know how terrifying teenagers can be!)

Our classes instill discipline without compromising your child’s enjoyment. By treating their partners or fellow team members with respect and sincerity, children grow to understand the concept of camaraderie. They break out of their comfort zone to be there for their friends and trust one another.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing your children having fun and learning essential values.

Constructive Outlet for High Energy Children

High energy children are by nature very playful and use ALL their energy to have fun! The trick then is to find an activity that harnesses both that playfulness, and is constructive in their childhood development.

Latin dancing happens to fulfill that need.

We help channel their playfulness and competitiveness into performances and competitions where they can let loose their boundless energy and mature together as a team, and most importantly, have fun!

Platform For Further Development in Performance Arts and Public Exposure

Does your child LOVE dancing and self-expression but finds there’s a lack of performance opportunities?

At Dancer’s Dream Studio, we can offer your child a platform to showcase their talent AND potential media exposure, even if he or she has had no experience performing in front of an audience.

Dancer’s Dream Studio creates a safe environment for your kids to develop these valuable qualities and opportunities to experience life beyond academics.


Public performances at venues such as Century Square, Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Expo


Private events such as Dinner & Dance event of Mary Chia Holdings Limited and National Day Dinner 2018 dinner for Tampines East


Dance competitions such as the TDA DanceSport Championship, Super24 and Singapore Open Dance Championship


Dancer’s Dream Studio’s very own holiday dance camps and dress-up parties such as Halloween Week.

At Dancer’s Dream Studio, We Have Worked With…

dancers from as young as 2.5 years old all the way to 70 years old.

MOE primary schools and tertiary institutions where we groom youths through dance enrichment classes and co-curriculum activities.

corporate clients, via lunch time fitness sessions to choreography for large scale dinner & dance items.

couples for their first dance together as husband & wife, creating wonderful memories that will stay in their hearts forever.

Slots are expected to be filled up quickly and we may not be able to accept walk-in’s, so please register your interest in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the type of dance being taught at the class?

Dancer’s Dream Studio specialises in Latin Dancesport Dances such as Cha cha cha, Jive, Rumba, Samba and Paso Doble.

During the trial class, basic latin rhythms and techniques of the Cha cha cha will be taught.

Overview of DDS Kids Dance Classes:

  • Specially designed dance lessons appropriate for specific age groups
  • Holistic approach to dance education
  • Children will learn basics of Ballet, Creative Movements, Jazz followed by development of Latin & Ballroom dance
  • Classes are structured with skills progression
  • Expect lots of fun and games while learning the discipline and etiquette of dancers
  • Children will be exposed to solo dancing, partner work and team formation
What if my kid has no dance background or knowledge?
No dance background is needed! Dancer’s Dream Studio is here to help your child discover their dance potential!
What should my child wear to the class?
Comfortable clothing. Leggings or pants with fitted top. Covered soft shoes.
What's the age group this class is designed for?
The trial class is suitable for children 6 to 14 years old. Kids will be grouped according to their ages when they register for the semester.
Am I allowed to sit in and observe my child during the class?

Unfortunately no, as we believe in independent learning. Children tend to behave differently when their parents are seated in observing them.

However, we will always have parents’ week once every 2 terms or at the end of every term where parents are invited into class to watch their child progress. Videos in class will also be sent to parents on a regular basis!

Address: 8D Dempsey Road #03-06 Singapore 249672
+65 6873 0378