Beginner Latin Dance Workshop For Adults

Have you always wanted to give dancing a shot, but simply couldn’t find a non-intimidating environment to learn? Now’s your chance…


No experience needed



Effective learning in 2 hour workshop



Dance notes and practice music given at the end of the session


Duration: 2 hours
Attire: Smart casual, something you can move in! Comfortable shoes

Price: $60 per pax; $100 for 2 pax (when you sign up together)

Payment: cash / NETS / credit card / Amex / Unionpay / PayNow

Do I Have To Show Up With a Dance Partner?
Not necessary but bring a friend or partner along for more fun!

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9003 8035 / 9731 1556

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Pls arrive 15 minutes before your session for registration.

8D Dempsey Road, #03-06, Singapore 249672

MRT Stations Nearby: Orchard, Holland Village, Commonwealth, Queenstown

Your Instructors


Over 8 years' experience coaching adults and wedding couples


Over 5 years' experience coaching University dance students, seniors, and corporate clients.


Flexible coaching styles to cater to different types of learning pace and level of proficiency.


Approachable and communicates clearly.

Latin dancing is about partnership, enjoyment, elegance and exercise. Join us for a session great of Cha Cha Cha or Rumba to lift both your heart-rate and spirits.

Elevate Your Mood and Have Fun

Few activities can be as cheerful and exciting as latin dancing. Negative energy, depressive mood and lack of spirit are left behind the moment one steps foot on the dance floor.

While practice and concentration are necessary in the beginning, our coaching will happen in a fun and lively atmosphere.

Creative Outlet To Express Yourself

At Dancer’s Dream Studio, we help you discover the rhythm and grace in your body you didn’t know you had.

Latin dancing is a wonderful outlet to express your emotions and feelings through movement. Anyone can learn to feel the rhythm and move with the music, all it takes is some practice and expert guidance.

In fact, dancing can become a truly unique way for you to express your individuality. Once you learn how to dance, you’ll be eager to share this passion with others.

So, do bring along a friend or 2, or 10.

Foster Stronger Friendships & Bonds When You Dance

Many researchers have argued that people experience a blurring of the self into their groups while dancing.

It is also possible that dancing releases endorphins and these molecules are behind the social bonding effect.

University of Oxford psychologist (and dancer) Bronwyn Tarr asked teenagers to dance to fast, electronic music in groups of 3.

Participants said they felt closer to their dance partners than to others in their classes after dancing.

Mirroring others in dance helps to foster friendships.


Dancing helps develop your confidence, style and comfort.



Increased flexibility and balance can prevent possible injury, especially later in life.



Dancing enhances your posture. Your immune system depends greatly on the health of your spine, thus better posture means a stronger immune system.



Dancing can burn 300-500 calories an hour, more than riding a bike or swimming.



Reduces stress from your daily routine and elevates your mood.



Studies show that dancing often can lower your risk of heart disease, control blood pressure, help control weight, strengthen bones, legs and hips.



Rekindle the fire in your relationship. Partner dancing relies on connection and communication with your partner, and builds trust.



Latin dancing is a great way to meet new people.


Beautiful and Convenient Practice Space


Free and Ample Parking Space For Drivers

Never end up wasting time and money going in circles looking for a parking space.


Free Shuttle Bus

From Holland Village, Singapore Botanic Gardens, and many other pick-up points.

Unique Environment

Dancer’s Dream Studio is nestled among the lush greenery and the old world charm of Dempsey Hill, often referred to as the “hidden paradise”.

With full length windows letting in natural light in the day, and cool breeze at night, there’s no other dance studio with such ambience.

Feeling Hungry After Your Practice?

Find a wide variety of cafes and restaurants in the vicinity such as Jones The Grocer, Ben & Jerry’s, Muthu’s curry, DOME, Wine Company.

You may also choose to shop, dine, relax and chat with friends and family at Tanglin or Orchard after your dance session , which is just a 15 minutes’ drive away.

Address: 8D Dempsey Road, #03-06, Singapore 249672

Call or Whatsapp us at:
9003 8035 / 9731 1556