Pick Up Latin Dancing Basics – Quick, Easy & Fun: 1-hour Beginner-Friendly Trial Class Starting at Only $18 per pax (Usual Price $28)

  • Beginner-friendly – Try your hand (and legs) at a new activity that is taught at a comfortable pace!
  • Low to medium level of workout intensity – Great for those who want to work out and keep fit but dislike running, high impact exercises, or being outdoors
  • Learn the basics of the popular Dancesport genres that you watch frequently on Dancing with the Stars or Strictly Come Dancing!
  • Make new friends at our recreational dance classes
  • Explore a new common hobby with your partner where you both get to keep fit while enjoying each other’s company
  • Feeling good about yourself, getting a certain routine correct, moving in a graceful manner, and completing a turn without falling.
  • Turn heads at social events

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  • Absolute Beginner: Fri, 24 Feb, 10:00am-11:00am, Tampines (yo:HA)
  • Level 1: Fri, 24 Feb, 11:00am-12:00pm, Tampines (yo:HA)
  • Level 1: Fri, 3 Mar, 11:00am-12:00pm, Tampines (yo:HA)
  • Unable to attend any of the time slots, but please inform me of future programmes.

Meet New People, Unwind, and Feel Re-energised from Expressing Yourself as You Pick Up Latin Dancing

Dancer’s Dream Studio is now offering more time slots and locations besides our main studio at Dempsey.



Midland House, 06-04, 112 Middle Road
Singapore 188970

Day & Time Level

Tuesdays, 21 Feb 2023, 7:30pm – 8:30pm SOLD OUT

Absolute Beginner (Andrew)

Tuesdays, 21 Feb 2023, 8:30pm – 9:30pm SOLD OUT

Level 1 (Andrew)

Tuesdays, 28 Feb 2023, 7:30pm – 8:30pm SOLD OUT

Absolute Beginner (Andrew)
Tuesdays, 28 Feb 2023, 8:30pm – 9:30pm SOLD OUT Level 1 (Andrew)



55 Upper Serangoon Road, B1-02 (Potong Pasir MRT Station)
Singapore 347694

Day & Time Level

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023, 10:00am – 11:00am SOLD OUT

Absolute Beginner (Lorencia)

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023, 11:00am – 12:00pm SOLD OUT

Level 1 (Lorencia)
Tuesday, 28 Feb 2023, 10:00am – 11:00am SOLD OUT Absolute Beginner (Lorencia)
Tuesday, 28 Feb 2023, 11:00am – 12:00pm SOLD OUT Level 1 (Lorencia)


Klatch @ Yoha Tampines

6 Tampines St. 92, #02-02
Singapore 528893

Day & Time Level
Friday, 24 Feb 2023, 10:00am – 11:00am Absolute Beginner (Lorencia)
Friday, 24 Feb 2023, 11:00am – 12:00pm Level 1 (Lorencia)

Friday, 3 Mar 2023, 10:00am – 11:00am SOLD OUT

Absolute Beginner (Lorencia)
Friday, 3 Mar 2023, 11:00am – 12:00pm Level 1 (Lorencia)

Hear Our Community of Beginner Dancers Share Their Experiences Learning from Dancer’s Dream Studio

Have Fun and Learn From One of The Premier Dance Schools in Singapore

A Dancer’s Dream Studio was set up in 2013 by our founder and director, Lorencia Kan, with the aim to promote dance, especially Latin and Ballroom dancing to the masses in a fun, educational and holistic approach.

Our Vision

  • To create a better dance experience for anyone with a dream.
  • To inspire individuals through holistic dance education and appreciation of art forms.
  • To be the preferred dance school for anyone embarking on their dance journey.
  • To spread the power of dance in our community.

Our Mission

  • Dancer’s Dream Studio strives to grow our dance studio with the same integrity and dedication we put into coaching and guiding our dancers.
  • We are committed to providing quality dance instructions to our community and nurture them to reach beyond their potential.
  • We create and provide opportunities for both recreational and vocational dancers to develop their craft and to strive for excellence.

From a child’s dream of performing on stage, to your interest in picking up a sport, we at Dancer’s Dream Studio understand the aspirations of big dreams and it is our pride and joy to provide a platform for you to move one step closer.

Never stop dreaming for one day, dreams might turn into reality. Dancer’s Dream Studio is our dream come true.

Frequently Asked Questions‌

What is the difficulty of the workshop?

This is an introductory trial class for beginners. If you’re brand new or have only started dancing recently, this is for you.

What is the class capacity?

We allocate a maximum of 12 participants for each session (depending on venue) to ensure each one of you gets enough attention from our instructors to have a fantastic experience.

What is the price of the trial class?
  • Trial classes are currently at a promotional rate of $18 per pax (Usual price at $28)
  • At the end of the trial class, we’ll also be introducing our 6-week course at $150. This course also includes a $10 credit for our next pop-up course.
  • Paid trial class is transferable; valid for date of class only
  • Non-refundable for no-show


What attire should I come in?
  • Come in something comfortable that doesn’t restrict your movements.
  • Feel free to bring socks or dance heels if you have them. 
Do I have to bring a partner? Can I come alone?

You don’t need to bring a dance partner since you’ll meet new friends and we will be focusing on solo work.

No partner work will be done in class.

If I'd like to continue Latin dancing beyond the trial class, what are your available options?

We’ll be introducing a 6-week class at the end of the trial class. There are 2 levels:

Latin Dance for Absolute Beginners

  • Basic techniques and drills, introduction to variations. For complete beginners or for dancers who want to improve their basics.

Latin Dance Level 1

  • Elementary level of techniques and drills, elementary level of variations. A choreography learnt by the end of 6 weeks.

Duration: 6 weeks x 1 hour

Price: $150 for 6 weeks and $10 credit for your next pop-up course

Further details will be provided at the end of the trial class.